In 2015 the parish council was approached by some enthusiastic local youngsters who wanted a facility in the village to use their skateboards.  They gave a presentation to the parish councillors at a meeting on 28th October 2015, suggesting the preferred location would be on the Rosewood Way green space.  They also created a Skatepark Facebook group page which generated interest from 57 people, all with positive responses together with positive responses from the West End Village Facebook page.  Time contraints for these youngsters, and the enormous task of fund raising resulted in this project never getting off the ground.   

Following the results of the village survey in 2017, which showed over 50% of respondants supported a skate park in West End, and with the expected CIL due to the parish council, it was decided to pursue the idea further.   The parish council appreciated that not all local residents would support this project, however everyone would be given the opportunity to give their views once a design concept had been established, in addition to residents living close to the proposed facility being consulted through the proper planning process.

(Nov 17) The parish council is now close to finalising a design concept, having gone through a tender process to appoint a company to design and ultimately apply for planning permission.  The initial design (28.6m x 9.6m) and location plan can be found on the links below.  There will also be the opportunity for residents to give their views at a drop in event on Tuesday 8th January between 6.45pm and 7.45pm, at The Sports Pavilion.  Parish councillors and Maverick Skateparks will be available at this session to answer any questions you may have.

Visual 1

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Location Plan