The housing developments planned for West End will see an additional 350 – 400 homes built in the village, increasing the number of couples, families and older people in our community.   Whilst these housing developments have not been universally popular, they have been approved by Borough Council, and the parish council wants to make the next phase of village development as positive and inclusive as possible.  

As new homes are built, the parish council receives a CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy).  CIL is paid by the developer to the Borough Council, and the parish council receives 15% of this.  The parish element (approx. £600,000) must be used ‘to support the development of the local area by funding’:

  1. the provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure; or
  2. anything else that is concerned with addressing the demands that development places on an area

This CIL represents a great opportunity to enhance/enrich the village and provide a greater selection of amenities for all ages and tastes but it must be spent within 5 years of receipt or be returned to the Borough Council.

With this in mind, back in September 2017 the parish council carried out a survey to establish the needs of the community.  Details of the survey were printed in a newsletter which was distributed to every household in West End.  The survey was available online or in the parish office.  Information regarding the survey was also published in the parish magazine.   

A summary of the results are as follows:

Assumptions/guiding principles

  • The response is statistically sound (over 10% of homes)
  • The responses provide a fair representation of the type of households in our parish
  • The results can be fairly assumed to represent the views of future residents
  • The majority of homes are (and will be) inhabited by families (79% respondents)
  • Additional written comments reaffirmed the statistical results of the survey

Key findings – how needs are met

  • Most respondents believe that the needs of pre-school children are met
  • There is a split of views over whether the needs of under 12’s are met (almost 50/50)
  • Overwhelmingly, respondents feel that the needs of the under 21’s are not met
  • Whilst not as compelling, respondents feel that young adults are not well catered for
  • There is mixed feeling about the needs of families
  • The needs of the pensioners are well met
  • There is no strong view over the needs of the vulnerable

Key findings – community building changes

There is a strong view that the community buildings need some work and/or attention to be best used by the community

The majority of votes went to (in order of popularity):

  • New scout and guide facility
  • Youth Club
  • Café
  • Outside toilets

There was a smaller vote volume for (in order of popularity):

  • Larger sports/changing facilities
  • Outside BBQ facility
  • Online booking system

A lower number of votes for

  • Licensed bar
  • Larger function rooms
  • Improved car parking
  • Conference facilities

Key findings – recreation opportunities

  • Ideas gaining over 50% of votes (in order of popularity):
    • Communal events
    • Skate park / ramp
  • Between 25 – 50% of votes (in order of popularity):
    • MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area)
    • Cycle track
    • All weather pitch
    • Running track
    • Village clock on the green similar to Bisley
    • Summer Rounder’s Club
  • The band stand received only 10% of votes