M3 Junction 2 - 4a Smart Motorway

What is happening?


Information from Balfour Beatty

The M3 junction 2 to 4a smart motorway project was scheduled to complete construction in December 2016. However as part of this project Highways England made the decision to carry out a substantial amount of planned future maintenance, which included the full low noise resurfacing of the carriageways and the demolition and reconstruction of Woodlands Lane overbridge. This is to minimise future disruption to the residents and travelling public in the area whilst also delivering efficiencies.

The smart motorway opened on Friday 30 June as All-Lane Running, at a controlled 50mph speed limit for all vehicles, this will remain in place whilst the important testing of the smart motorway technology is finalised.

Whilst we have delivered most of the work in parallel, additional works to reconstruct Woodlands Lane Bridge and some remaining renewals works need to take place beyond the 30th June.  We will be using overnight lane and carriageway closures to complete the bridge reconstruction and remaining renewals works, we expect to open the new Woodland Lane Bridge by winter 2017/18